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Designer, design writer, author, educator. He holds the position of subject leader for the Graphic Communication course at Norwich University of

the Arts. The Graphic Communication course, explores the ever changing opportunities

that exist with graphics, generative design systems, and convergent and digitaltechnologies. His specialisms cover: design innovation/ thinking and doing/engaging in multi-disciplinarity/ redefining problems beyond predefined boundaries/ creating solutions based

on a new understanding

of complex situations/ fostering progressive, radical approaches and creative resolutions/ using prototypes and archetypes, to discover new intuitive behaviours.



His areas of research examine and explore:

the digital and physical; new futures and frontiers; universal design for intelligence; and design systems for living.

Research/practice keywords:

creative director; art director; author; design writer; graphic communication; graphic design; image maker; typographer; motionographer.


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+ 44 (0) 7870 647784 contact@nigelaono-billson.co.uk twitter.com/holydrinker uk.linkedin.com/pub/nigel-aono-billson/6/a82/a5 digital + physical