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Independent graphic designer, design writer, author, educator, thinker, doer. His practice and approaches explore the ever-changing opportunities that exist within graphics, generative design systems convergent, and digital technologies. His specialisms cover: design innovation/ thinking, making, doing/ engaging in a multi-disciplinarity/ redefining problems beyond predefined boundaries/ creating solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations/ fostering progressive, radical approaches and creative resolutions/ using prototypes and archetypes, to discover new intuitive behaviours. His areas of research examine and explore: the digital and physical; new futures and frontiers; universal design for intelligence; and design systems for living. Research/ practice keywords: creative director; art director; author; design writer; graphic communication; graphic design; image maker; typographer; motionographer. / contact@nigelaono-billson.co.uk / @studio_nigel_aono_billson / @AonoNigel / + 44 (0) 7870 647784 digital + physical